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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Security Systems and Wireless Security Cameras

There were 4 million household burglaries in the United States, nearly 500,000 resulted in bodily injury, and 20,000 resulted in homicides, frightening statistics. Additional statistics reveal that a home without a security system is three times as likely to be burglarized as compared to one which is equipped with a security system. These facts make it obvious that a home security system will reduce your chances of intrusion, and can protect your life and property. It is therefore necessary to conduct an extensive home security review, to determine the appropriate systems necessary to secure the safety of yourself, and home.

Several points should be kept in mind while conducting a home security review. Security needs should be a first consideration. While it may be obvious that you should be the best judge of security requirements, a security expert has the experience to evaluate your home for vulnerabilities that are not obvious to a layperson. After a full examination of your home, a security specialist will be able to make note of all soft spots, and suggest the kind of equipment necessary to strengthen these soft spots.

The next consideration is security monitoring. Security monitoring can be a sophisticated central monitoring service, or a simple home security system, cost and needs are the determining factors. The central monitoring services are ideal because they ensure that appropriate measures are taken whenever an intrusion is detected. A monitoring team that works from a central station verifies every suspicious activity the moment it receives an alert. While an ideal deterrent, this type of monitoring is relatively expensive, and subject to the experience and professionalism of the company. You must find out if the central monitoring station is certified by Underwriters Laboratory; that it has a power back up system that can run for 10 to 15 hours; that it is run by trained staff; that it alerts local authorities within seconds of receiving a security alert.

Less costly is a simple home security system consisting of a control panel, a couple of magnetic switches, a motion sensor or two, and an alarm device. This can be hard wired or wireless. The more advanced systems feature a video camera that can be monitored by family members. The biggest advantage of this system is that it scares away potential intruders. This may happen when an intruder sees a yard sign, a decal sign or any of the installed sensors or video cameras. There is a one-time installation charge, with no recurring expenses.

While there are no guarantees, any home security system could scare away potential intruders. Any type of prevention will go along way to reduce the likelihood of a break in, or home assault by a stranger. Remember, the main objective of any home security system is to provide a safe environment for family members, and to limit the loss of property.


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